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The 1970s were pivotal in William Perehudoff's career. His work was shown at a number of art galleries and public institutions such as the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington; Noah Goldowsky Gallery, New York; Meredith Long Contemporary Gallery, New York; in Montreal at Waddington Galleries and in London, England, at Waddington Galleries II.

His style

From the geometric shapes in the early 70s to the thin bars of colour on ephemeral backgrounds that preoccupied him throughout much of the decade, and then on to the more opaque textural backgrounds in the latter part of the decade, Perehudoff's art was always concerned with colour harmony and exploration of material.

"They have evolved from arrangements of brilliant, clearly defined geometric shapes, to evanescent sheet and bars of pulsating color, to looming walls of inflected, even more subtle hues. They are characterized by what can only be described as a meticulous concern for design - manifest in austere layouts - and an unabashedly romantic quest for the Beautiful - in the form of ravishing color and surfaces."

Quoted from New York critic Karen Wilkin in the catalogue 14 Canadians - A Critic's Choice at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washing, D.C.

William Perehudoff AC-77-33A
Acrylic on Canvas
65" x 132"
William Perehudoff artwork from the 1970's
William Perehudoff Collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery, gift of the artist
190.6 x 258.5 cm
William Perehudoff Painting 1979
Acrylic on Canvas
William Perehudoff - Paintings from the 1970's
42" x 42"